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Connectivity services for your IOT company

Connectivity services for IOT are aimed at reducing costs so that the IOT business obtains a greater margin from its main service, obtaining a B2B relationship with Connectivity.

Consumer management
Manage the consumption of your SIM’s so you never consume more than what was planned. Depending on the number of SIM’s available in your account, you will obtain an access profile to our platform. Here you can manage your SIM’s as you want, so you can activate, deactivate and limit the possibilities of these.

Data pool
Manage Data Pool or package it for each profile. Select the amount of data you want in your Pool so that these are distributed among the profiles within the same group, selecting how many data should go for each profile or if it is free for each profile until the Pool runs out.

Physical SIM
Printed physical SIM and network signal adjustable to customer needs. If you don’t operate with physical SIMs we also work with IMSI solutions adapting to the business model that best matches your IOT product.

Rates adjusted to your needs

All rates are flexible and adjustable depending on the amount of data, calling minutes and SMS that each client needs. That is why it is important that we understand our clients business, in order to adjust the offer improving it so that they may obtain the highest possible profitability.

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Call us at +34 931221743, send us your request at or through our form and we will get back to you to provide you with all the information.

Our services are for you if…

  • You seek to manage and control the data consumption of your IoT products.
  • You want to avoid the billing delay or misuse of your data.
  • You want data consumption at lower prices to obtain greater profitability of your main business.
  • You need international data coverage at local price.


How can I purchase this service?

Contact us through the contact option below so we can understand more about your business and adjust the rates as well as the services in order they suit to your business.

How many Sim's do I need to request to print my logo on them?

To print the SIM’s with the client’s design, it must reach a minimum of 1,000 SIM’s

Can I use the Sim's with any type of device ?

Yes, as long as it is not blocked by the commercial distributor of the devices.

How competitive are our prices?

Our prices are flexible and vary depending on the type of service and their location. We negotiate our prices with different network providers in different parts of the world to obtain the most competitive price.

Will I have a costumer service number?

The customer service number is the one provided by the network provider. In case you need a personalized call center, this is negotiable depending on the number of profiles.

Products for connected devices

Please consult us for our M2M data offers. You can also find great solutions from our standard products suitable for high traffic connected equipments.

Sim card

EU Unlimited SIM Cards

If you look for unlimited connectivity for mobile devices this is the best place to purchase this special product with the best feature at very competitive price.


Check out our new eSIM offer to navigate the easiest way on your international trips, paying 10 to 20 times less!

Customized services

We have many more complementary and exclusive services. We look for the solution that best suits your needs, in a transparent, flexible and secure way. Contact us without obligation!