International eSIMs

私たちが提供するeSIM をご体験ください。 eSIM は業界標準のデジタル SIM です。物理的な SIMカード を使わなくても、

モバイル プランを簡単に切り替えることができます。世界中を旅しながら自由に通信接続できることをお楽しみください。

Discover the power of eSIM, a virtual SIM card embedded in your device. With eSIM, you can easily switch between mobile plans without physical cards. Enjoy hassle-free activation, no borders or limitations, and the freedom to stay connected while traveling all around the world.

eSIMs for Travelers

海外渡航される方で、外出先でもデータ接続が必要な場合は、Connectivityの eSIM をご利用ください。シームレスな接続を体験し、


If you are a frequent traveler and need a reliable data connection on the go, we’ve got you covered with our cutting-edge eSIMs.

Experience seamless connectivity and stay connected effortlessly wherever your journey leads you.


No Pick Up


There is no need to wait in long lines at airport counters to pick up before departure or after arrival.


No Carry


No need to carry a router around so you don’t need to charge your router. Travel easily with your smartphone in hand.


No SIM Card


Just scanning the QR code, so there is no need to insert or remove the SIM card, and there is no risk of losing the SIM card.


No reimbursement


You apply it on the Pikapaka BTM, the payment will be made by invoice to the company. There are no out-of-pocket expenses.

お申し込み方法(Request Form






Please apply using the application form QR code on the right.

(or, click【】)

After applying, we will send you an application completion email.

We will send you a usage information guidance email approximately 3 business days before your departure date.


Countries Covered


Network Operators


Compatible Devices


Times cheaper than traditional roaming

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現在、190か国でご利用いただけます。(下記World coverage をご覧ください)。下表は、一部抜粋です。

Pikapaka BTM customers can use eSIM at a special price.

Pikapaka BTM users will pay by invoice to the corporation. Business travelers do not have to pay for their own expenses.

Currently available in 190 countries. (See worldwide coverage below).


Worldwide Coverage

We can offer you our innovative solution in 190+ countries thanks to our agreements with the best local operators.
More countries are added every month.
Download our APP here to redeem the special discount code for all PIKAPAKA clients

190 か国でご利用いただけます。今後さらに多くの国が追加されます。
最新の eSIM 利用可能国は、こちら(をご確認ください。
お申し込み方法(Request Form) 申込 QR コード
Today we can offer you this service in 190 countries thanks to our agreements with local operators. More countries are added every month.
Check( list of countries currently available,
Check( list of eSIM devices currently available.

eSIM 設定・操作に関する問い合わせ先(Contact us)

eSIM 設定に向けたネットワーク設定に関する問い合わせ先
(WhatsApp)+34 601557770(24 時間/1 週間)
If you are having connectivity issues with your eSIM, try restarting your device or resetting network settings.
If the problem continues, write to us at +34 601557770 (WhatsApp) or
We have a team that will help you with any questions or incidents you may have, at any time of the day.