How to avoid roaming charges when traveling?

How to avoid roaming charges when traveling?

Do you still rely on roaming to stay connected when traveling? It’s time to say goodbye to roaming charges and choose an easier way to stay connected during your travel.

What are roaming charges? 

When you are in roaming, you operate as a guest of a foreign provider’s network and pay a premium to access their services.

  • Data roaming charges apply when you use data to browse the Internet, apps and/or stream music and videos. 
  • Text roaming charges apply when sending or receiving text messages while abroad.
  • Call roaming charges apply when you make or receive phone calls while abroad. 


How to avoid roaming charges when traveling? 

  • Disable data roaming: Remember to disable roaming when traveling, this will prevent your mobile from connecting to foreign networks while you are traveling.

How to disable roaming on iOS?

  • Go to Settings > Mobile or Mobile Data.
  • Enable Mobile Data and then tap Mobile Data Options.
  • Disables data roaming. 

How to disable roaming on Android?

  • Go to Settings > Connections.
  • Tap Mobile Networks.
  • Disables data roaming. 


  • Buying a local SIM card: One way to avoid roaming charges is to buy a local sim card at your destination. A local SIM gives you a phone number and access to data services, calls and text messages at domestic rates.


  • Get an eSIM: Fortunately, there is a better option, the eSIMs. An eSIM is a 100% digital SIM that you install with a simple QR code. This is the easiest way to avoid roaming charges and stay connected when traveling.

These are just some of the benefits of using an eSIM to travel:

  • Buy and install an eSIM from anywhere. 
  • No surprising roaming charges (most eSIM plans are prepaid).
  • Manages your eSIMs 100% digitally.
  • Connect instantly to a mobile network at your destination.


How to take your first steps with an eSIM?

You can get your eSIM in a few steps using the Connectivity app. There you will find data plans covering more than 180 countries and regions around the world, allowing you to be connected during your travels. If your device is unlocked by the operator and supports eSIM, you are ready to start!

To purchase an eSIM Connectivity you only need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download the Connectivity app (iOS / Android)
  2. Select “Buy an eSIM”
  3. Choose the country to travel to Add a name to your eSIM.
  4. Follow payment instructions
  5. Follow the simple steps to install your eSIM.

Ready! Now you can enjoy unlimited connectivity during your new adventure and avoid roaming charges. And if you end up using your eSIM, don’t worry, you can recharge directly in our App!

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