International eSIMs for Travel

Are you in the travel industry?

You can provide internet access to your international tourists through us. Connectivity enables your clients to use mobile internet, faster and cheaper while traveling.


We offer you easy-to-use eSIM data plans to keep your clients connected anywhere. With coverage in over 120 countries, our travel eSIM plans eliminate the need of finding Wi-Fi or buying local SIM cards.

Mapa Connectivity

eSIMs for travelers: a business opportunity and a competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

By offering our eSIM for Data Roaming, you differentiate your offer and increase the loyalty of your travelers.

Customer Experience

Improve your customers’ experience by offering local connectivity plans for their travel destination with the best price and coverage possible.

Revenue Growth

Generate additional ancillary revenue from a new and innovative product to complement your existing portfolio.

Partner Support

At all times receive personalized attention

from our support staff.

Want to know more?

Customized services

We offer a range of eSIMs for roaming data, with plans available for a variety of destinations and usage levels. If within the services of your travel agency you want to include an eSIM in a vacation package for your clients or offer them the option of buying one, we have the ideal solution for you.