Internet for
holiday rentals

Our added value

For remote areas or for temporary uses, you can still get high-speed WIFI service using our 4G ROUTERS by connecting to the mobile network using our SIM cards with unlimited data. It does not require any installation, we will send you the preconfigured equipment. You will only have to plug it in and access its Wi-Fi signal. It is also an efficient back-up solution in case of wired service breakdown.

Best possible coverage
We know how important a good Internet connection is for tenants. Our cards are from Vodafone but will use the best available network at any time, bringing the best possible coverage all over Europe.

VIP personalized Customer Service
In Connectivity you will have a single contact person to streamline all procedures and resolve any incident in record time.

Low prices, forever
Our prices are very competitive and definitive, they are not subject to any offer.

Easy and without commitment
We simplify administrative procedures to the maximum. And above all we do not ask for any permanence, you will be free to change whenever you feel like it. We want you to come for the price and stay for the service, not for the contract…

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Call us at +34 931221743, send us your request at or through our form and we will get back to you to provide you with all the information.

Products for holiday rentals

We work with many rental agencies offering affordable and efficient connectivity solutions via 4G or 5G network.

4G Wifi Devices

We provide WIFI solution to work with our unlimited SIM cards, if you need high speed WIFI connection at home or through a portable device as large as a credit card we have the solution for you.

Sim card

EU Unlimited SIM Cards

If you look for unlimited connectivity for mobile devices this is the best place to purchase this special product with the best feature at very competitive price.


Check out our new eSIM offer to navigate the easiest way on your international trips, paying 10 to 20 times less!

Customized services

We have many more complementary and exclusive services. We look for the solution that best suits your needs, in a transparent, flexible and secure way. Contact us without obligation!