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travel agencies

Our solution

The services oriented to Tourism Agencies offer the possibility of diversifying their income sources by offering international connectivity solutions to their final clients through ESIMs and thus granting added value to their main service, obtaining a B2B2C relationship with Connectivity.

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Products for travel agencies

International travelers need easy and efficient internet connectivity on the go. E-SIMs and portable WIFI devices with unlimited SIM cards will give them the best solution they need wherever they go.


Check out our new eSIM offer to navigate the easiest way on your international trips, paying 10 to 20 times less!

Sim card

EU Unlimited SIM Cards

If you look for unlimited connectivity for mobile devices this is the best place to purchase this special product with the best feature at very competitive price.

4G Wifi Devices

We provide WIFI solution to work with our unlimited SIM cards, if you need high speed WIFI connection at home or through a portable device as large as a credit card we have the solution for you.

Customized services

We have many more complementary and exclusive services. We look for the solution that best suits your needs, in a transparent, flexible and secure way. Contact us without obligation!