Spain Connect
3 data plans
Unlimited calls
From only €8/month!*

*prepaid plans of 1 to 12 months
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  • 40GB/month within Spain
  • 8GB/month roaming in Europe
  • Unlimited national Calls to landline and mobile phones
  • 100 SMS/month within Spain
  • Vodafone network 5G+

From 8€ / month

Depending on duration



  • 80GB within Spain
  • 12GB roaming in Europe
  • Unlimited national Calls to landline and mobile phones
  • 100 SMS/month within Spain
  • Vodafone network 5G+

From 10€ / month

Depending on duration


SIM XL Unlimited

  • Unlimited data within Spain
  • 16GB/month roaming in Europe
  • Unlimited national Calls to landline and mobile phones
  • 100 SMS/month within Spain
  • Vodafone network 5G+

From 12€ / month

Depending on duration

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40GB/month in Spain
+ 8GB/month Roaming in EU
Mobile calls icon
Unlimited calls within
the same EU Country
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Text messages
100 SMS/month

Spain Connect

With Spain Connect, enjoy 40, 80 or unlimited GB of monthly data in Spain + unlimited calls to national mobiles and landlines.
Travelling in other EU countries? You have 8, 12 or 16GB/month roaming available and unlimited local calls within the country or to Spain.
You can benefit from this special offer for a specific period of your choice: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 or 12 months. You can also get shorter options now: 1 or 2 months.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to browse and talk without limits at an unbeatable price!

Get it now from:


How it works

Enjoy this promotion in just 3 simple steps:

SIM Card

1. Get your SIM card

You can get it from one of our contact points.

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2. Purchase a data plan

Choose your plan between 1,2, 4, 6, 9 or 12 months duration and complete the payment.

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3. Enjoy the connection!

In a maximum of 30 minutes your SIM will be activated.

Buy any Spain Connect plan and receive 12€ free credit for motosharing with Cooltra. 

With the purchase of a Spain Connect SIM or eSIM, enjoy a €12 credit to use for Cooltra’s shared scooters and bikes*
Just enter the promotional code you will receive in the confirmation email into the Cooltra app and enjoy the ride!

*Discount valid for new users until 31-12-2024, and within 90 days (once the code has been entered in the app).

Contact Points 

For any query don’t hesitate to contact Javier on whatsapp: +34 681 91 63 22.

We can send your SIM card anywhere in Spain by post, and you can also request to be contacted by one the following person to organize local delivery or pick-up:


Javier de Orbaneja García de Olalla


Business Schools and Universities
Ana Gómez Reyes


University City
Manuel Álvarez


My SIM is activated but I don't get data connection...

Don’t worry, this could be that your APN has not been set automatically. This is the most common issue when switching carriers. Here is how to solve it:

1. Check your APN


Go to: Settings / Mobile Networks / APN (Access Point Name).

Create a new APN with the following settings:

  • Name: FI
  • APN:
  • APN Type: default,supl,dun
  • MVNO Type: IMSI
  • MVNO Value: 2140606


Go to: Settings / Mobile Data / Mobile Data Options, and configure:


  • APN:
  • Username: (leave it blank)
  • Password: (leave it blank)

1.2. Turn off the phone, leave it off for 5 seconds, and turn it back on.

2. If the issue persists, try inserting the SIM card into another device to see if it picks up a signal.

3. If the issue persists, you can email us to or send a WhatsApp message to this phone number:+34681916322.

Thank you for your patience!

How long does it take to have my SIM activated?

If you have your SIM and pay now for it’s activation you will be able to use it in the next 30 minuts.

When are the data reset?

Your 40Gb allowance will be reset on day 1 of each calendar month. When contracting the data allowance will correspond to the proportional part of the remaining days of the month. For eg if you contract on day 15 you will have 20Gb during the current month, then 40Gb on next day 1.

If I overpass my 40GB allowance, what happens?

You will be able to continue surfing but at a lower speed. This plan doesn’t allow refills. You will be back with full speed on day 1 of the month

Can I travel throughout Europe with this SIM card, which countries does it include?

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe (French Caribbean), French Guiana (French Caribbean), the Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Mayotte Island, Italy, Reunion, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique (French Caribbean), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Romania, Sweden and the Vatican.

What is the speed of Connectivity network?

The speed of our network is the one of Vodafone 4G+, you can navigate up to 300Mbps depending on the signal strength.

Is the roaming automatically activated?

Yes, all free of charge features like roaming in zone 1 (Europe) are activated by default.

Can I keep the line after the contracted period?

YES. You can contract a recurring monthly plan for 7,90€/month contacting informing your name, phone number and bank details. You can also transfer this line to any other spanish operator (portabilidad)

What happens after the established period?

The line will be suspended for 15 days then cancelled. If you want to continue using this line you will need to inform us before it is cancelled.

What it the network coverage of this SIM?

Network is VODAFONE, one of the top 3 in Spain. You can consult the coverage here:

How can I find out the remaining GB for the month?

You can consult all your line details using MIO APP:
Note the available data may not be shown in total as we operate automatic refills until you reach 40Gb monthly usage.

Can I change the ownership of this line?

Yes. You need to send the new owner documentation to

Can I cumulate unused data?

No, this offer start every month on day 1 with 40Gb

How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Upon your purchase you will be sent a purchase ticket. If you need a formal invoice just contact us at